• Texas Craigs is the number one spice that should be in every kitchen. Craigs adds a compliment to anything, beef, pork, chicken or fish. One of my favorites is the wow taste it adds to Bloody Mary's. I've tried it on almost every thing. Hmmm, haven't tried it on ice cream yet.  

A Firm Believer, Dan G.

  • WE LOVE TEXAS CRAIGS SEASONING. We can't cook without it..some of our favorite recipes are grilled shrimp with a little olive oil and a lot of rub. We can't have french fries without it. We add to our green beans and everything we cook on the grill or for dinner. We especially love it on pork chops and smoked bbq ribs.                      

David and Pam

  • Texas Craigs,  We have the pleasure of using Texas Craigs products for over 8 years on all types of cooking mediums. A few years back, while on a hunting trip, I used your rub preparing some steaks, much to the protests of fellow hunters that it will ruin the steaks. I am proud to say after these hunters experienced the flavor enhancement of the rub, they all said that their steak was the best they have ever eaten. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this rub in your cooking as it will bring your taste buds to the next level in the word Texas Craigs the Championship Barbecue Rub and Seasoning.                    

Billy and Elaine

  • Texas Craigs is the best spice in my spice cabinet. I use it on just about everything I cook from chicken to goulash, spaghetti to mac and cheese, Texas Craigs is a part of the recipe. Texas Craigs is the best bar-b-que rub I have ever used. I have gotten compliments on my bar-b-que every time I have used it. Since I've added Texas Craigs to my chili recipe, it has taken it to the next level. If we happen to run out, or don't use Texas Craigs when cooking, you can bet that my family's first reaction is either "What's wrong with this? or This doesn't have any Kick, it's too bland." I hope I never run out of Texas Craigs again.

  Doug & Auda F

  • I use Texas Craigs on everything from chicken, veggies, gravy, and cheese toast. I like to keep it next to the salt shaker. I have eaten a lot of Craig's food over the years as well and his sauce is one in a million. Get yours today!! You won't be sorry!

Courtney Grigsby

  • Made Breakfast Burritos this morning and added the Texas Craig Seasoning. WOW! Make ya wanna slap yo Momma... Doing Fajitas tonight, will let ya know how that turns out.

ET Thomas

  • Tonight was the first time we got to try your new bold sauce. We had pulled pork with your rub on it. Then we added the sauce,   WOW, that is some great sauce. You hit that one just right. Look forward to using more of it soon. Feel free to use this on your Web site.

Doug & Audie

  • Craig Rutledge, I knew you were a good cook and I wanted to try your rub and bbq sauce but could never seem to get by Welch gas or the Running store to get it. We put some ribs on this morning while we were getting our oxen out of the ditch, put your rub on them, then a little sauce at the table. They were fantastic! Highly recommend it!

Lonnie & Debbie

  • Tonight's dinner is brought to you by an empty refrigerator and the extreme lack of desire to grocery shop. Leftover brisket that, thank heaven, I stashed in the freezer before my family could eat it all. Cauliflower that was forgotten in the crisper, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and the good parts of a bunch of green onions. End result is roasted cauliflower and cherry tomatoes (tossed in olive oil and Texas Craigs Seasoning) and garnished with chopped green onions. And of COURSE some brisket fantastic-ness (the brisket was seasoned with Texas Craigs as well).

Gina D.