Yes, this is the reason you are here....

A seasoning mix that can be used across the lines of not just BBQ but is great on everything from steaks to stews and all in between. It has some heat and if you are ready to kick things up, I have got the rub / seasoning for you.‚Äč

A sauce that is bold like Texas and enhances the flavor wherever it lands. 

My mother always told me if you are going to do something, you had better do it well. 

The ingredients in Texas Craigs seasoning have to qualify for the job as we use only the best for you. It is made with the highest quality fresh ground spices, and has a bit of a kick. Therefore, it may not take as much as what you may be used to. We suggest that you start with a little and grow to know the amount of Texas Craigs your taste buds desire.
When you cook with your Texas Craigs Seasoning, you will have people asking for your recipe.